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Digital Deck of Stories (BETA)

Digital Deck of Stories (BETA)

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The Deck of Stories- Write a Legendary Adventure in 15 Minutes.

World building has never been easier. Now with the Digital Deck of Stories (beta), you can create a legendary adventure for your RPG adventures in 15 minutes. Tell the story you want by picking a single card to light the spark of imagination or combining several cards to create an in-depth storyline. You can determine the complexity of each moment without having to strain your brain!


  • Includes Volume 1 & 2
  • Includes all 5 booster packs
  • Drag and drop to arrange the cards in the order you want
  • Booster pack filtering
  • Over 200 cards!

No railroading, no over preparing. The story is yours!

Current Beta is Windows only.

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